Friday, 21 July 2017

underrated beauty products

Hey friends! I'm back again!

I have a pretty fun post up today all about some of my favourite beauty products that I believe are totally underrated, and more people should be trying, loving and praising about! 

I've included a little something from almost every single beauty step, so without further or do, let's begin!

This is the Dickinson's Original Witch Hazel Astringent, also known as the cheapest and best facial toner on the planet. You know that Pixi by Petra Glow Tonic that everyone (including myself) is obsessed with? That is basically this, but much cheaper and you get tons more product, almost 500ml for $5, I mean come on now. The smell isn't the best, but it definitely does the job. Basically what this toner does, and what you'd want any toner to do, is to balance the PH levels in the skin, wick away any traces of leftover dirt, oil, cleanser or makeup, and prep the skin for the rest of your skincare. This bad boy is also meant for all skin types, and also self-adjusts to your skin type, meaning it hydrates dry areas, and balances oily areas, giving your skin that overall clean feeling.

Here is the best moisturizer of all time! It's the Drops of Youth Youth Cream from The Body Shop, and again this product is absolute perfection for all skin types. It's super hydrating so it moisturizes without being oily at all, it balances out the skin's levels and also smoothes and softens the skin. Over time skin feels and looks more even in tone and texture and it's definitely a holy grail moisturizer for me. I'm shocked that this bad boy isn't talked about more, especially by youtubers and influencers because I feel like they would all really love it!

This is another product from The Body Shop but this is their Elderflower Unperfumed Eye Gel. I've tried many many gel textured under-eye products, and they all come out extremely sticky and you'd never dream of applying them underneath makeup never mind leaving them on overnight. There are two kinds of people in this world; eye cream people and eye gel people. There are a million and a half eye creams out there, but not too many eye gels. Ole Henriksen has a popular eye gel that people seem to love, but I know they're lying when they give it a good review because it's horrifically sticky, well here I am to show you this much cheaper and 100% not sticky version that you've been dreaming of! Elderflower is a plant that grows in a harsh climate, so this here eye gel is perfect to protect the extremely delicate skin underneath and around the eye, and also hydrates beautifully, absorbs perfectly and smooths the under-eye when fully absorbed so this is the ideal under eye gel for underneath makeup. If you're more of an eye cream gal, I recommend trying this right before makeup application and I almost guarantee that you will experience less under-eye makeup creasing!

Okay last Body Shop product, I swear, but they're just so good! Especially this beautiful Solid Lip Argan Oil! It's unlike any solid lip balm in a pan that's out there, because it's all natural, isn't hard or waxy at all, is 100% cruelty free and it smells like heaven! It's so lovely to apply right after exfoliating the lips, because the argan oil helps to deeply moisturize and repair the skin on the lips.

Moving onto makeup products! This is the Too Faced Primed & Powerless Pure Primer, quite the tongue twister, but it's an oil free, skin smoothing face primer for sensitive skin. It says sensitive skin on the packaging, but you can use this on any skin type and it works beautifully! It does smooth the skin, like it claims, it softens, fills in pores and fine lines, it combats oil on oily areas of the skin, it doesn't accentuate dry patches, in fact it smoothes those over as well, and the one thing I love about this primer that's different to many other smoothing primers is, it doesn't make the skin too matte at all. It lets the skin's natural radiancy shine through which is really nice if that's what you're going for. 

Colour correcting was all the range very recently, and I feel like to some people it will always be a necessity. For those with very pale skin like myself, the darkness under our eyes and the redness on our skin can be a little bit more difficult to cover with foundation and concealer unless you use very full coverage, so that's where this guy comes in. This is the Colour Correction Cushion from Physicians Formula. As you can see, on one side there is a yellow cushion and the other is a green cushion. Yellow counteracts purple or blue tones on the under-eye and inner corner, and green counteracts redness that might occur on the cheeks, chin, nose, acne, etc. 

Hallelujah! Here she is, my holy grail foundation! And I'm so shocked that no one talks about it! This is the Urban Decay Naked Skin Weightless Ultra Definition Liquid Makeup, it's a mouth full but that's exactly what it is! It's an extremely fluid consistency, blends perfectly onto the skin, it gives just enough coverage to even out the complexion but it doesn't cover the skin or feel heavy at all. The skin shines through and you can see subtle imperfections which I actually like in a foundation. I highly recommend that you try this foundation out, get a sample at Sephora, because it's a great product for days where you want to wear makeup but don't necessarily want to cake on a heavy layer.

Here's another one of my favourite complexion products, and it's kind of bittersweet and awkward to talk about, this is the new concealer from Arbonne. I used to sell Arbonne but no longer do, and I got this when it was newly released in April of this year. I'm definitely going to be repurchasing because it's literally everything I've ever wanted in a concealer; it's high coverage, light enough to slightly highlight my ridiculously light skin, and it blends out beautifully. This is an awesome product because it's made with amazing ingredients, it's vegan, botanically based, and it smells like fruit!

The Nyx powder is an exact dupe for the Mac Cosmetics Mineralized Skin Finishes, which used to be another holy grail product of mine until I switched to cruelty free! So if you want a powder that sets foundation without looking cakey, but gives a tiny bit of filtered coverage, and feels soft and buttery on the skin, this is the powder for you! Not to mention it's dirt cheap and also comes in a shade for everyone to use! 

I'm a powder queen, which you think would make me look like a walking talking pancake, but nope, because I used this finishing powder! This is the Hourglass Ambient Lighting Powder in Ethereal Light, and dusting a very light layer over the skin with a fluffy brush, gives a gorgeous luminous glow, making your skin look airbrushed, glowy and healthy. This is definitely a life saver for me when it comes to my makeup. It is expensive, but a little bit goes a very long way and it'll take you at least a year if not more to use up this whole thing.

If you have very fair skin like me, you know that finding a natural looking contour powder if almost impossible.. but I've got you covered. This is the Tarte Cosmetics Park Avenue Princess Bronzer, and it's the perfect neutral bronzer that looks stunning as a contour powder, without looking too grey or ashy on the skin. It's extremely buttery so it blends out like a dream, and it smells amazing as well. As you can tell I'm basically hitting pan, so I'll definitely have to repurchase pretty soon. This product also lasts an extremely long time, so don't mind the price tag!

I've found another cheap dupe for a popular high end product! This is the Bronze Booster from Physicians Formula, and it's an exact dupe for the Too Faced Milk Chocolate Soliel Bronzer. Normally I only find dupes for products that aren't cruelty free, but both of these products are, so that's a plus and really depends what you like based on your wallet! So if you wanted to get your hands on the milk chocolate bronzer but can't afford it, this one is exactly the same! It gives the perfect warm bronze tone, without looking too orange or red at all, it's perfect for fair skin and it's buildable for those with more medium skin tones.

This is the Tiki Bronzer from Hard Candy, but it's really not a bronzer at all. It's a really subtle and luminous highlighter that's super affordable and easy to get your hands on. This used to be really popular on youtube, so I got it and didn't see what the hype was about at all because I wasn't really into highlighting at all at the time, (shocking, I know). But I dug it out earlier and rediscovered that I'm absolutely obsessed with the subtlety and luminous champagne glow of this product when applied all over the highest points of the face. I apply it with a bigger fluffy brush to give a more overall glow to the skin, so if you like a subtle but beautiful highlight, you'll love this, and you'll love the price as well!

Here's another highlighter and it's similar to the last one I talked about, just a tad more intense, and it comes in a couple of shades. I have two shades, this one is tan and the other one I have (not pictured) is a lighter pearl toned highlighter, absolutely perfect for very fair skin tones. A lot of people seem to think that it's impossible to find highlighters at the drugstore, but I've showed you one, I'm talking about two more and there's still another one I love. I know for a fact that light to medium skin tones would DIE with this highlight on, and I've seen no one talk about it!

Here's the last highlight I'm going to talk about, I promise, for this post at least. I'd say this is the most intense highlighter of this post if you know how to work with it. I have seen other people try to use it and they can't seem to get a good gleam out of it on the skin, and that's because this is a baked formula, so you need to really scrape the surface of the product with your brush, and then apply it to the skin, or if you want it to look even more intense you can spray your brush with the product on it with a little bit of illuminating setting spray and then apply it to the skin, I guarantee you'll get a really nice champagne glow. I love layering highlighters, and lately this guy with the first highlighter I talked about, the Tiki Bronzer, underneath, it's such a beautiful and inexpensive combination!

I want to talk about blushes, which is weird because blush isn't my favourite thing, not a necessity for me, but I wanted to mention these blushes from The Balm Cosmetics, because they are dirt cheap and  what's most important is they literally last all day long. I do wear different blushes all the time and there are several kinds that I like, but this one in particular has made an impact because the colour does last hours and hours, enough that I noticed, so that's why I wanted to talk about these blushes. This one is called Frat Boy, again by The Balm Cosmetics. The packaging is also ridiculously adorable, and they're so fun to collect!

This product used to be pretty popular and some people did talk about it, but I still feel like it needs more of a spotlight because it's actually really unbelievably good. Liquid lipsticks are all the rage right now, but I find that this is a really great alternative because it gives that smooth opaque colour that we all want in a lipstick, but it feels soft and very whipped, so its lighter on the lips, doesn't crumble or get balled up, but once it's set and dry it doesn't move or transfer which is fantastic. There are lots of great shades as well, but definitely check out the selection online and order there, because I guarantee that here in Canada no matter what counter you go to, they're not going to have nearly all the shades.

Last product here is the XXXL Shine lipgloss from Essence Cosmetics which is an insanely affordable drugstore brand. I'm not a huge lipgloss girl, but if I'm going to wear a gloss, it needs to be ridiculously shiny, not sticky at all, and clear so I can wear it over top of anything. This one ticked all of those boxes for me and I find is better than high end lip glosses that are almost always sticky! If you're on the hunt, I highly recommend checking this out. It also comes in colours if you're interested in that too!

I hope you learnt something cool about some products you didn't know too much about!

Please let me know in the comments below if you also love some of these products or if you're looking forward to trying them!

Joyfully Jordyn, xo