Monday, 31 July 2017

monthly self care challenge

Hi friends! Today I've put together a really fun and different post for you, all about self care, self love and ideas to use to treat yourself if you're feeling a bit down and out!

I chose 31 different things to do, you can mix and match them and choose whatever you're feeling you want to do at the moment, but if you really wanted to you could do all of these in a row within a month and have a really rejuvenating month. 

Without further or do, let's get into my favourite self love practices!

1. Have a spa night (or morning or afternoon) complete with an aromatic bubble bath, your favourite face mask, maybe a hair mask, a mani and pedi, maybe even some candles and relaxing spa music!

2. Spend one whole entire day in your pjs in bed, watching your favourite movie or tv show, eating your favourite junk food, and taking naps whenever you want to!
I find that sometimes I need these days to just do nothing, and it helps me relax on a deeper level.

3. Learn to cook your favourite food. Think about the most incredible thing you've ever eaten in your entire life, and google different recipes on how to recreate it in your own kitchen!

4. Take yourself out for a fancy dinner. This is sometimes really fun, it can be expensive, but you don't have to spend an arm and a leg, just go out somewhere to treat yourself and take pride and enjoyment in being your own date for the evening! Sometimes it's frustrating waiting for a boy or girl to take you on your idea of a perfect date, so why don't you do it yourself! There's no shame in that.

5. Journaling is a very therapeutic and easy habit to take up. Spend some time with your nose buried in a brand new beautiful journal, writing out all of your thoughts, ideas, heartaches, etc. Don't leave anything inside, think of it as your own little self-therapy session! If you want, afterwards you can keep your scribbles or rip the paper out and crumple it out and throw it away to cleanse yourself of the negativity you wrote down, no shame in that either!

6. Try out some guided meditation with guided breathing exercises as well, to help centre yourself and relax in the moment. 

7. Read your favourite book or a self development book. Reading can also be a really good break for your body and act as a means of self-therapy. I'm planning on making a post all about my favourite self-development books that have personally helped me in my mental and spiritual instability.

8. Have a solo dance party in your kitchen! Make a complete fool of yourself and bust a move, without worrying what anyone thinks! Listen to your favourite music and just let go, sing at the top of your lungs too if you like! I highly recommend The Weekend, Adele and Coldplay for this type of exercise. It also helps you work up a sweat which is always good for your body.

9. Unplug from technology for an entire day. This might be a tough one, but it's so worth it! If you can, keep your phone off for the entire day! Turn it off the evening before, don't turn it on or go on your computer at all that entire day until the next morning! You'd be so surprised at how much more you can get done during the day. If you need your phone for work, delete your social media apps for the time being, you'll easily be able to re-download them and everything will be back to normal!

10. Speaking of social media, deep cleaning your social media platforms is a very cleansing and refreshing exercise to do because it helps you become aware of who you're actually following, what accounts you like most and who you don't really care too much about following.

11. Alongside that, unfollow all news accounts and stay far away from tabloid and gossip accounts and magazines. The more negativity and false information you read about anyone else, the more negativity you're going to attract into your life even if you don't read it. 

12. Watch your favourite movie and have a full blown movie night / marathon. Take one evening, or even a weekend, and have a movie marathon of your favourite series; Harry Potter is highly recommended. Not long ago I spent the entire week watching one HP movie every evening with popcorn and chocolate in my bed and it made me so happy and excited for every evening to come! It also made me cry, of course, but just let it out, you're allowed.

13. Declutter something from your house. You might not necessarily "enjoy" this task while you're at it, but it's so rewarding afterwards! Even if you're doing something small like getting rid of the old food from the fridge or pantry that's past it's best before date, or something bigger like completely binging the garage, it's hard work sometimes but it keeps your space and your mind a little bit more clear and organized. 

14. Reorganize your belongings. This one sounds a little bit like the last, but the difference is you don't necessarily have to get rid of anything, unless you come across something you can do without. An example of something that I love to reorganize every so often is my skincare and hair care collection, and also my makeup! It really helps to show you exactly what you have, what you might have forgotten about, and you might rediscover an old favourite thing! It's like shopping in your own home.

15. Changing the furniture around is a super fun and almost cleansing thing to do. It helps you to recharge your space and gives you a little bit of a different atmosphere. If your space is too small to change around, that's totally fine, another small thing you could do is change up where you sit most of the time you're at home; if you do most of your work at a certain spot at the kitchen table, start sitting at a totally different spot, or check out the opposite side of the couch than you normally sit at. Little changes can make a big impact too.

16. Go for a nature walk! Being in nature is one of the best things you could ever do for yourself, not just because walking is an easy and affective exercise, but the fresh air does a body really good, and being outside, away from a computer or phone screen, surrounded by trees and basking in the sunshine really helps you ground your thoughts and gives you a much needed mind break.

17. Trying a new hair style, whether that be colour or cut, is a fun way to change up your life a bit. It makes you feel like a new person, and owning a new look can really give you a boost of confidence that's always needed.

18. Writing out affirmations on paper, and repeating them back to yourself every single morning is a simple yet extremely effective practice to bring yourself inner peace. Whether you believe in the law of attraction or not, affirmations can supernaturally change your life, and it's a really lovely way to start your day on the right path.

19. Take a class for something you've always wanted to learn. Have you always wanted to learn how to cook but can't seem to teach yourself? Check out some cooking classes in your area, some specialize in certain cuisines if there's a certain type of food you want to learn more about. You can also learn so many different things like art, martial arts, self-defence, etc!

20. Make a list of things you're grateful for. Being grateful is one of the best things you can do to bring inner peace into your life. At the end of the day, make a habit to write a list of everything good that happened that day!

21. Doing something brand new for the very first time is another simple yet fun thing that can bring you confidence. It can be small like buying someone a coffee, or going sky diving! It's really up to you, you just have to let go of the fear and go for it!

22. Invite your closest friends over for a party to celebrate life! You never need an excuse to throw a party, but sometimes it's fun to have your very favourite people over to celebrate going through life together! Get your favourite foods together, play your favourite music, tell your favourite stories and just have fun being together!

23. Go on a weekend road trip by yourself. It doesn't have to be far away, or it can if you have the time to be gone for a few days. You don't even have to have a plan, just pack up some essentials, fill up the gas tank and just drive until you want to stop! Be safe about this fun exercise though, never just park on the side of the road or anywhere else that doesn't feel safe. Hotels are always a good idea, especially if they have a pool or a spa!

24. Cuddle with something or someone you love. Could be a boyfriend or girlfriend, a mom or dad, a pet, a favourite pillow or blanket, anything that brings you comfort and happiness!

25. Go to a museum or comedy event. Or you could go to an art gallery, a farmers market, a mall you've never been to, etc. It's fun to explore, take a whole day to yourself to do so!

26. Buy yourself a brand new colouring book and set of coloured pencils, markers or gel pens, and spend the day colouring your heart away! Colouring is all the rage these days as one of the best ways to keep stress at bay, and to express creativity.

27. Diffusing essential oils is another simple and affective way to combat stress and other issues. You can invest in a beautiful diffuser for your home, and diffuse your favourite scents that work perfectly for whatever you're going through. I highly recommend having a chat with someone that works at an essential oils store, they're so knowledgeable and will help you pick out exactly what you need.

28. Set big and small goals for yourself, and short term and long term goals. Goals are a really great way to keep us excited about the future, but also keeping us in the present day because everything we do in the present helps us build our future.

29. Organize your week in a planner or agenda. I love love love notebooks, planners and agendas because it helps me keep extremely organized and I can see all of my plans for the week and month ahead, and I can also plan out the blog posts I want to create, the events I want to go to, or the days  that I want to take off to have a rest! It's all in front of my face.

30. Book a therapy session to vent and let go of emotions. Venting to a friend is a great thing to do sometimes, and it's very special to have a friend that you love and trust enough to tell everything to, but sometimes being able to see a professional every now and then that has no judgement and is able to help you through your problems in a professional manner, is a very healthy thing to do. And never feel ashamed of speaking to someone about your life or about what you're going through, it's one of the best things you can do for yourselves, trust me.

What do you think of my "little" list of things? Can you think of anything else to add to this list of self care practices? Please comment below I would love to read them!

Joyfully Jordyn, xo